The committee to elect John Michael Guidry is reaching out to let you know that he is running for the newly configured District 2 seat on the Louisiana Supreme Court.  His name will be on the November 5, 2024 ballot. Early Voting will be October 18, 2024 to October 29, 2024.

The new district includes: Avoyelles Parish, Concordia Parish; portions of East Baton Rouge Parish; East Carroll Parish; East Feliciana Parish; Iberville Parish; portions of Lafayette Parish; Madison Parish; portions of Ouachita Parish; Pointe Coupee Parish; portions of Rapides Parish; Richland Parish; St. Helena Parish; portions of St. Landry Parish; Tensas Parish; West Baton Rouge Parish; and West Feliciana Parish.


My 26 year judicial career and especially my direct work with our Supreme Court has uniquely prepared  me to be ready day one to serve on our state’s highest court.  

  • I am prepared to handle appellate cases on our state’s highest appellate court. For the past 26 years I have been hearing, authoring and voting on appellate cases while serving on the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal which is one of our state’s five intermediate appellate courts.
  • I am prepared to participate in the adoption of the rules necessary for the administration of our state’s judicial system.  I am currently the Chief Judge of the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal where I am constitutionally responsible for administering the court.  I am the first African American to serve as Chief Judge in the more than 100 year history of the court.  My colleagues from around the country have recognized my leadership in court administration by electing me to serve on the Executive Committee  and as Secretary-Treasurer for the Council of Chief Judges of the State Courts of Appeal.
  • I am prepared to address ways to improve judicial procedures, increase efficiencies and to correct Procedural shortcomings in our state’s judicial system.  I have previously served two terms on the Louisiana Judicial Council which serves as the research arm for the Supreme Court.  It often serves as a resource center where ideas for simplifying and expediting judicial procedures/and or correcting shortcomings in the system are studied.  I currently serve on the council’s Standing Committee to Evaluate the Need for New Judgeships.  I previously served on the council’s Standing Committee to Evaluate Requests for new Court Costs and Fees.
  • I am prepared to address the Budgetary Matters affecting our state’s judiciary.  I currently am a member of the Judicial Budgetary Control Board which establishes rules and regulations, subject to formal approval by the supreme court, to govern the expenditure of all funds appropriated by the legislature to the judiciary; each court; council, commission or board, whether created by rule, statue or otherwise; to the Law Library of Louisiana; to the Louisiana Judicial College and to any and all judicial officers, employees and service agencies.
  • I am prepared to address the technology needs and cybersecurity issues affecting our state’s judiciary.  I am a member of The Louisiana Supreme Court Technology Commission which explores new ways to increase efficiency and accessibility within the court system.  .
  • I am prepared to ensure we continue to have a trained and educated judiciary.  I am a member of and past president of the board of directors of the Louisiana Judicial College.   The Judicial College is the  judicial education branch of the Louisiana Supreme Court which provides high quality, comprehensive and relevant professional development and training, in order to ensure the timely, fair, impartial and efficient administration of justice for all citizens of Louisiana.  I have for many years taught new judge training to newly elected judges from throughout the state and I am a frequent continuing education lecturer for our state’s judges and lawyers.  I have served as an adjunct professor at the Southern University Law Center since 1988, preparing a new generation of lawyer leaders.
  • I am prepared to address how our court’s handle some of the most pressing issues facing our courts, domestic violence cases.  I am a longtime member of the Supreme Court’s Louisiana Protective Order Registry’s Domestic Violence Faculty which educates judges, lawyers and community partners on best practices for handling domestic violence cases.
  • My understanding of the History of our Supreme Court has prepared me to address the Court’s future.  I am a member of the Supreme Court of Louisiana Historical Society.  We have to understand our past to better prepare for the future and in order not to repeat past mistakes.
  • I remain committed to Judicial Outreach:  As a member of the Supreme Court’s Judges in the Classroom/Students in the Courtroom Task Force I have work to encourage members of our state’s judiciary to continue their extraordinary efforts to bolster civics education among our state’s students and assisting teachers in educating students on the workings of our government and judicial system by those engaged in that very system daily.  I am active in speaking at schools and bringing students to our courthouse to further this goal.